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We want your feedback on `Unpublish`


What action would you like to be executed if you unpublish in the future (scheduled operation)?

  • Sent the content item to trash
  • Hide the content item
  • Move the content item to a different container (not visible on the frontend website)
  • Keep the content item and change the status to unpublished

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This poll has also been shared on our Slack workspace. Check to see what feedback we got there already.


I voted for “Hide the content item” as only few other did. This comes certainly from a legacy perspective, where object states did not exist and hiding was the natural way. I would certainly vote for “Keep the content item and change the status to unpublished” if there is an easy way the hide the item in this process, as this is what you usually want to do - hide from users and search engines.


Thanks @dfritschy for your explanation.
On eZ Publish, both options (hide and delete) were available (https://doc.ez.no/eZ-Publish/Technical-manual/3.8/Features/Cronjobs/The-cronjob-scripts).
As @emodric said on Slack, hide is at the location level not at the object level, so we will have to hide all the location during the un-publish operation. Meaning that if you want to make a content accessible again you will have to un-hide all the locations and the system will not be able to restore the previous state of the visibility.