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Versioning eZPlatform


Hi all,
I have suggestion after last webinar to name next eZPlatform v4 not v3, because it will base on Symfony 4, and version admin set now v4, this will be much more readable for new people.
with eZP v2 we have now: kernel v7, admin v1, symfony v3 - nowhere is v2, and i suggest to display in admin panel in System information tab version of database and with each release X.Y.<Z> SQL script to update version in database. These things in my opinion will give order with eZPlatform versioning and naming.


I could get behind displaying the release version in the Admin UI. Not a bad idea.

In regards to skipping v3 to v4 for reasons to match Symfony v4. Not sure that’s a good enough reason.


Maybe jump to ezplatform v8 so it gets inline with ezpublish kernel v8 :wink: