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Symfony local web server for eZ Platform development


At SymfonyCon 2018 in Lisbon the Symfony local web server was announced. As a Symfony framework app this works fine with eZ Platform. I find it to be a great option to run simple eZ Platform project that do not need all the complexity of setting up Nginx/Apache or Docker or whatever.

You can download the Symfony CLI app here: https://symfony.com/cloud/download

Once the installation is in place you can run the local web server by going to your eZ Platform and type “symfony serve” and a local web server will boot up, by default on port 8000. This is similar to the console server:run command, but has some advantages.

More details here: https://speakerdeck.com/fabpot/symfony-local-web-server-dot-dot-dot-reloaded


Very cool! Thanks for the news. I would have missed it.


Hey there. Great idea to mention this. I did test it myself, and it does work like a charm.