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Local development without images


Currently, developing a site locally (in dev mode) without content images is not possible. (See https://jira.ez.no/browse/EZP-25562)

This is a deal breaker for large sites, where you cannot sync dozens of GB (or more) of images locally.

Are there any plans to allow missing images to fail gracefully?


Can confirm this is sometimes driving us nuts as well :slight_smile:


@peterkeung I’m not sure which version of eZ do you use, but eZ Platform 1.13 and 2.0 work fine without images in local dev environment.


We’re definitely still seeing the issue on 1.13. Simply embed an image in an article, then delete the file on the file system.


Nope, can’t reproduce. The page renders fine without the image.


We’re currently using S3 as the driver, with the DB for metadata and this works fine for local development.


That’s good to know! Do you have the ability to separate out buckets so that local dev doesn’t affect production data? In other words, if you upload a file from your local machine for testing, does it end up in the production bucket?