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Custom logout URL from admin UI



When logging out from admin GUI (in version 1.10) it looks like all eZ does is destroying the user session:

HTTP verb DELETE for URL https://host/api/ezp/v2/user/sessions/

How can I also make the browser go to https://host/logout?

Which is defined in app/config/routing.yml:

path: /login
defaults: { _controller: ezpublish.security.controller:loginAction }
path: /login_check
path: /logout


I’ve updated to 1.12 and still the logout path does not seem to be used. Any suggestion how I can trigger this?


I don’t think you can. eZ Platform UI is a SPA app which has its own way of handling sessions which can’t be modified.


I managed to do a modification with a custom js added to the bottom of ezplatform/vendor/ezsystems/platform-ui-bundle/Resources/views/PlatformUI/shell.html.twig


In short, the script searches for the “Log out” LI element, creates a clone from it (to remove alle eventlisteners) and replaces it with the clone. The clone is set up with a onclick eventlistener which sends the user til /logout.

I’m aware that this has to be put back into shell.html.twig after every ezplatform upgrade, but it is critical for us to be able to log out from OAUTH - not just destroying the symfony session.

Any comments/warnings about this solution?


I don’t really know as I don’t have much experience with Platform UI :slight_smile: