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About trees and folders


Most important to us is that there is a tree, but I think any of the proposed interfaces is viable for browsing it.

Do I understand correctly that this is not replacing the current object/subitems list in the admin, but more is intended to replace the expandable left tree in the legacy admin? In the subitems list it is important to be able to view metadata (content type, date, creator, etc.)

In regards to the usefulness of multiple interfaces, as the number of content objects and editors increases in a site it will become more valuable to have different interfaces to serve different needs. It is reasonable to launch with one view and add others as needed to serve specific use cases.

We wrote about our opinion of the importance of a tree to editor UX here https://www.contextualcode.com/Blog/A-CMS-with-a-content-tree-provide-editors-a-better-user-experience


Thanks Marc, great article (I missed it!!)


For me, the left side tree is so baked-into way I think about and organizing eZ based sites that it is un-natural to loose it.

Also, as stated above, it maps into mental model of organizing content of almost any modern OS (not just Mac/Finder combination). Additionally, switching between branches, multisite navigation, comparing subtrees seems much easier via tree.

My suggestion (as a part dev, part information architect and part editor) is to implement both ways.